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Presentation from the March 2016 Meeting

Transportation Trends

Presentation from the January 2016 Meeting

Understanding your Lease Bill

Notes from December 2015 Roundtable

December Roundtable Notes

Presentation from the March 2015 Meeting

March Meeting Minutes

Comprehensive RFP Process for NAFA

Request for Proposal and Evaluation Bids

Meeting Notes from December 2014 Meeting

December 2014 Roundtable Notes


Presentation from the September 2014 Meeting

Oil Choices, Programs, and Best Practices

GOODYEAR Presentation

Presentation from the February 2014 Meeting

“It’s All About The BASICs” - CSA Program Overview


Presentations from the September 2013 Meeting

Mercedes Pitch

NAFA GM Presentation


VW Pitch


Presentation from the March 2013 Meeting

How to Prepare Yourself for a Safety Related Accident


Presentations from the October 2012 Meeting

Membership Value Proposition - Greg Asadoorian

NAFA Online Services - Kimla Beasley

New England Chapter Membership - Kevin O'Loughlin



Presentations from the May 2012 Meeting

Fleet Driver Training, Pete Mitchell CEI Group

Frontline Driver Training, Keith Lindem

Advanced Driver Training Services, Phil Moser


Archived Presentations

 Tire Applications & Use: 11-15-2011

Cost of Ownership Presentation 3-16-2011

Creating and Managing a Best-In-Class Fleet Safety Policy 11-17-10

 Safety First Points Program

CSA2010 information in presentation is current as of 9/2010



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